Sarah Ilene: SUP Camping in Big Sur

SUP Camping in Big Sur

Instagram Handle: @sarahilene

Location: Big Sur, CA

Board: ISLE Lotus

The Perfect Campsite 

Big Sur has the most unique and stunning scenery in California. Redwood trees bordering the coastline along with waves crashing on the shore, no matter the time of year, it is breathtaking.

Last July, we decided to go camping and we took our inflatable SUPs with us to explore the coast. We have been to the area hundreds of times, but we were ready to change our perspective and get on the water.

It was decently flat the morning we paddled out, but we were able to get past the shore break without an issue. From there we paddled near the Bixby Bridge, past McWay Falls and saw some awesome rock formations along the way.

It was an experience that I will never forget and I can’t wait to get back in those Northern California waters!

Pro Tips:

  • Map out where you are going to enter and exit prior to starting your paddle
  • Bring snacks and water
  • Know the tides

Getting the boards inflated for our paddle

Enjoying the still ocean

Nap Time!