The Best SUP for Fishing

Best SUP for fishing
More and more people are using their stand up paddle boards for SUP fishing. Fishing from a stand up paddle board is a new fishing method that many anglers alike are trying because of the several advantages SUP fishing offers....Read More

Benefits of Fly Fishing from a SUP

Fly fishing from a stand up paddle board (SUP) will improve your fishing game substantially. If you fancy increasing your fish count and impressing friends with photos of fish you caught, then a SUP might be your new favorite way to navigate your local spots. The 5 Benefits Access to new fishing spots Enhanced field […]...Read More

This Will Make You Better at SUP Fishing

This Will Make You Better at SUP Fishing
As told by Natalie Starliper Let’s face it — we are always willing to improve at the hobbies we love. In this instance, we are going to help improve your SUP fishing game. If you didn’t know, SUP fishing has recently captured the attention of anglers across the nation because it’s a great new way to […]...Read More

Why SUP Fishing is the Next Big Thing

SUP fishing
Fishing paddle boards What if we told you that there was a new and better way to enjoy fishing? Whether you’re a fishing veteran or want to get into the sport, stand up paddle board fishing (SUP fishing) is the latest and greatest angler’s trend. Today’s fishing paddle boards are coming decked out with everything […]...Read More