ISLE Big Guy Fish Surfboard Package

The Big Guy Fish is a high-performance, epoxy wave catching machine designed for surfers who have a commanding presence in the water. With generous volume from nose to tail, this is the perfect one-board quiver for anyone who wants a little extra paddling power to help them dominate their local lineup.



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Updated for 2019, the Big Guy Fish is the ideal epoxy shortboard for anyone looking for ample volume and length in a performance-oriented design. It features plenty of tail rocker and a single-to-double concave to help dig into deep and biting turns. The swallow tail paired with a quad-fin setup feels loose and playful in small surf but holds its line extremely well in larger and more powerful waves. It’s a versatile all-around board that will help weekend warriors return to high-performance surfing on a regular basis. For lightweight and beginner surfers, the Big Guy Fish is the perfect alternative to a funboard when the swell dies down.

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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
6'6" 20.7" 2 9/16" 40.22 L 8 LBS 170 LBS
6'10" 21.8" 2.7" 46.8 L 8.93 LBS 195 LBS
7'2" 22" 2.9" 53.1 L 10.13 LBS 225 LBS

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