ISLE Classic Longboard Epoxy

The Classic Epoxy Longboard blends modern surfboard construction with a tried-and-true outline to offer nose riders the best of both worlds. This board has that legacy longboard profile with plenty of volume to catch waves on smaller days, and a classic nose concave to reliably hold its line during long nose rides. This is the ideal longboard for surfers of all levels looking for a proven design and cutting-edge materials to cruise through the lineup in style.

Includes 9 inch Center Box Fin



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The ISLE Classic Epoxy Longboard is a wide and stable nose rider that’s perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the nostalgic feel of surfing’s golden era.

A broad nose combined with a deep front concave provides generous lift and just the right amount of drag to keep you locked into the sweet spot on a wave for the longest nose rides of your life.

The wide and thick outline offers ample stability and flotation, while the board’s flat rocker profile helps you generate tons of speed to carry you through those flat sections.

The Classic’s full square tail and touch of V through the bottom keeps your ride loose for sweeping bottom turns and lets you drive the board across the face of bigger waves easily. The large single fin creates stable trimming, incredible bite, and minimal drag when you’re not hanging ten.

If you’re looking for that smooth classic longboard ride that you’ll have for years to come – this is your board!

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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
9'4" 23" 3.2" 78.6 L 11.75 LBS 285 LBS
9'8" 23.3" 3.3" 85.6 L 15.13 LBS 295 LBS

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