10 Products Every Paddle Boarder Needs This Summer

Summer is winding down so there’s no excuse for you not to get out paddle boarding before the season of endless sunshine comes to a close. To help you end your summer of with a bang, we did our own comprehensive reviews of the hottest paddle board products on the market right now.

Editors Pick #1 Light Up Your SUP with Night Glows for Your Paddle Board

Nocqua Stand Up Paddle Board Lighting Kit

Noqua Spectrum PRO SUP Lighting Kit

Cost: $399 w/ Free USA Shipping

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Product Details:  

  • Full board lighting system
  • Comes in a sleek travel case for easy storage and transportation
  • Constructed out of an advanced LED durable waterproof system
  • Can fit on any SUP with the flexible fit straps
  • 7 colors and 3 modes

Our Review: We tested the kit on a moonlit night and had an absolute blast. With 7 different colors and 3 modes it is practically a paddling disco ball which will light up your path across the water. It took under 2 hours to fully charge and we easily strapped it on the board in minutes. As this was our first time using the system, we were impressed with how easy they were to set up on the board. The lights are so intense you can see jellyfish and stingrays which creates a whole new night paddle boarding experience you have to try.

This is such a stimulating add-on for your SUP and is perfect for causal Touring, SUP Fishing, SUP Yoga and any nighttime expedition you can think of. If you’re interested in trying stand up paddle boarding at night our friends over at San Diego Paddle Yoga can take you out for a night on the water that you’ll never forget.

The Secret to Paddle Boarding at Night


 Editors Pick #2 – Wash Up Easy with This Portable Shower and Rinse Station


Rinse Kit

Cost: $89

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Product Details:

  • Fills in 20 seconds from the garden hose
  • Holds 2 gallons of water
  • Allows 4 minutes of continuous spray
  • Weighs 24 lbs. when completely full
  • Use it for your next camping trip, rinse the dog off or you can use just about anywhere you need a portable hose

Our Review: We used the Rinse kit and fell in love — it’s exactly what we all have been wishing and waiting for. After a solidsession you and your board are both salty and sandy which after a while will start to eat away at the integrity of the board. It’s always been difficult to bring portable water to the beach and many have come up with some innovative ways of doing so but all of them fall short of having any pressure. With the Rinse Kit all you need is a garden hose and 20 seconds to fill it up and you’re ready to go.

rinse kit

Editors Pick #3 – The Best Board Shorts Hands Down

bluesmith boardshorts bluesmith shirt


Bluesmiths Spartan Shorts & Hydrophobic Shirt

Cost: $185 (Shorts) $79 (Shirt) 

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Product Details:

  • Constructed out of an eco-friendly NanoSphere proprietary textile technology from Switzerland
  • They are modeled after plant leaves and uses ultra-microscopic particles to create a nonstick water repellent surface.
  • They added silver ions to the fabric which inhibits the growth of microorganisms
  • Light-weight, durable nylon
  • Tailored, no-inseam three-pocket design
  • PaddleSaver ® (Patented)

Our Review: We tried the Spartan Board Shorts  and The Lane Hydrophobic Shirt by Bluemsiths and were amazed by the quality. The material will repel water and any other liquid thrown at it and feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Even under the most intense workouts, they’ll be bone dry and ready for another paddle within minutes. With all these great features my favorite of all is the patented PaddleSaver® which is a small loop on the shorts that secures the paddle so you can swim efficiently back to your board without paddle in hand. These board shorts do have a heavy price tag, but you’ll never have to buy another pair of shorts or top shirt again because of the high-tech materials used in the construction.

isle surf and sup with blusmith boardshorts

Editors Pick #4 – The Perfect Tackle Box That Doesn’t Weigh You Down

ribz front pack

Ribz Front Pack

Cost: $64.95

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Product Details:

  • Made out of water resistant ripstop nylon
  • Weighs approx. 9 oz.
  • All components are water resistant and have a proven durability in the most extreme conditions
  • Average storage capacity between 600 and 800 cubic inches

Our Review: Our shop manager Jake loves to SUP Fish and recently took the Ribz out for a trial run and was blown away by the amount of storage. With only a limited amount of space for your gear on the paddle board, the Ribz allows you to store your gear in a convenient front pack which won’t weigh you down or get in the way. Jake mentioned how it served as the perfect tackle box and was able to fit all his essentials inside.

isle surf and sup while sup fishing

 Editors Pick #5 – Applied Science for Your Skin 

isle surf and sup with watermans sunscreen

Waterman’s Sunscreen

Cost: $28

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Product Details:

  • SPF 50+.
  • Long lasting, water & sweat resistant
  • The broad spectrum formula protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Each pouch comes equipped with a carabiner for easy accessibility during all of your paddle adventures

Our Review: We reviewed the Aqua-Armor 50+ sunscreen that comes in a convenient travel package and allows you to use every last drop so none goes to waste. What we love most about this sunscreen is how it actually sticks to your face and doesn’t have that greasy feel to it. After testing it out on a hot summer day in San Diego, we were left with no sunburns.

watermans sunscreen

 Editor’s pick #6 – Paddle with a Little Power behind You 

current drive fin

Current Drive

Cost: $1699

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Product Details:

  • Variable Speed: Choose between 1-99 speed settings on the LED display (low speed=1, top speed=99). Max speed is 5 MPH
  • Takes no longer than 1 minute to install
  • The electro fin only installs into normal SUP fin boxes
  • Controlled with a remote that attaches to the riders wrist or paddle
  • Forward and Reverse: Maneuver your board through tight spaces or flip it in reverse and try and paddle forward for the ultimate resistance training!

Our Review: We tested the Electrafin out and were impressed with the quality and how useful it was. The ElectraFin installs in under one minute and is controlled with a wireless remote that is connected to the paddler’s wrist or paddle. With a single charge, the high-efficiency electric motor will run for six hours straight and is silent with zero emissions. We first let our store manager take it out SUP Fishing and he used it just like a trolling motor so he wouldn’t disrupt the water with paddling. The fin is also useful when paddling in windy conditions and gives that extra assistance when you have weary arms. New paddlers can now keep up with the seasoned riders, take a SUP taxi out to your remote surf spot or just have fun on the water with this self-propelling fin. In any case, the Electrafin is a must-have for hot summer days.

current drive fin

Editor’s pick #7 – Protect Your Boards from Thieves 

isle surf and sup kanulocks


Cost: $69.95-$99.95

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Product Details:

  • Reinforced with two braided stainless steel cables woven in each strap
  • World’s only locking cam
  • Available in 8ft, 11ft, 13ft and 18ft lengths

Our Review: We all love our SUPs and so do thieves so it’s time to take extra care and precaution of your paddle boards. You can tie-down your board as tight as you want on your roof, but that still won’t stop a crook from cutting those ropes with one simple swipe. We think Kanulocks are probably the single best investment you can make for your board(s). Kanulocks are also ideal for traveling so you don’t have to get a van to store your boards in. Don’t be a victim and have the piece of mind of a great locking system on your side.

isle surf and sup with kanulocks

 Editor’s pick #8 – A Waterman’s Glasses  

isle surf and sup with hoven glasses

Hoven Glasses

Cost: $64.95

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Product Details:

  • 100% UV Protected
  • They are float-able
  • Impact resistant poly-carbonate lenses
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Lifetime warranty.

Our Review: We all know someone or have a personal story of tragically losing an expensive pair of sunglasses in the ocean while paddling. We wore the Argonauts in a couple SUP Surf seshes and were pleased with the style and utility of the shades. Interestingly enough, the Argonauts never fell even when wiping out which will attest to the construction and fit of the glasses. 

isle surf and sup with hove nglasses

Editor’s pick #9 – Listen to music while you Sweep 

splash tunes

Splash Tunes Pro 

Cost: $69.95

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Product Details:

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • Suction cup allows you to attache right to your paddle board
  • Floats in the water
  • Comes in three different colors (blue, grey, pink)

Our Review: We all love to go for a paddle and listen to the tranquil sounds of the water and wildlife, but sometimes you need a little motivation and/or party with some friends. We recently took out the Splash Tunes Pro for a paddle with a couple friends around the bay and were shocked at how loud the speaker was. You can answer calls during your “board meeting,” get in the zone when training or throw a party on your SUP. Although the speaker doesn’t suction to inflatables (you can secure it with the bungees though) it does work perfectly with any hard epoxy SUP.  There are a lot of “waterproof” speakers on the market these days, but the Splash Tunes has a good track record and also has a feature none of the others have, it FLOATS!

splash tunes

Editors Pick #10 – Supersized Paddle Board for Supersized Fun 

The Megalodon

Cost: 12′ – $995 | 15′ – $1,295

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Product Details: 

  • 15 ft. Tall and 4 ½ ft. wide
  • Comes 2 pumps, center fin and sticker pacl
  • Easily Handles 5-7 Riders or a gaggle of small kids
  • Is the ultimate summer water toy at the beach or lake

Our Review: The Megalodon is in its own category because this SUPersized Paddle Board can hold up to 7 people at once and will be sure to turn heads. You can do a real party wave with your friends or turn it into a party barge on the lake or bay. Summer is about hanging out with your friends and family and what better way to do that than go paddle boarding with them.

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