Introducing Keven – The best looking Employee at Isle

Posted on February 8, 2015 by Marc Miller

Keven is our trusted order processor and customer service representative who makes coming to work just that much better. Everything needs a women’s touch and Keven is here to add to the success of Isle and keep us in check so we don’t bro out too much. Born and raised in Coronado, San Diego, Keven has been living the So Cal lifestyle since she was born and the beach is her second home. With a love for the water she couldn’t deviate far so she went to college at UCSB. While working multiple jobs she still makes times to go paddle boarding and we’re fortunate enough that she brings in baked goods every Friday. If you ever have any questions for Keven just email her at

Interesting Keven Facts:

How long have you worked for Isle Surf & SUP?

Since May 2014

Where is your favorite paddling spot?

Glorietta Bay, Coronado

What is your favorite Isle Paddle board?

The Versa. The perfect board for almost everything.

Do you have any secret talents?

  • Bakes better than Betty Crocker
  • Used to be able to do “the worm” kind of.
  • Is fine with movies with subtitles.
  • Able to lift slightly more than you’d think.
  • Gives hugs with appropriate pressure and for the right length of time.
  • Will pet your cat even though she does not like cats

When you’re not paddling, you are?

  • Hanging with friends or my dog.
  • I love being outdoors; hiking, bike riding, hanging at the beach.

What is your favorite burrito?

Veggie California Burrito

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