Why SUP Fishing is the Next Big Thing

Fishing paddle boards

What if we told you that there was a new and better way to enjoy fishing? Whether you’re a fishing veteran or want to get into the sport, stand up paddle board fishing (SUP fishing) is the latest and greatest angler’s trend.

Today’s fishing paddle boards are coming decked out with everything you need for your day out on the water. You can get a paddle board equipped with scotty mounts to attach rod holders, bait trays, down riggers, fish finders and whatever other paddle board accessories your heart desires. Compared to kayak and boat fishing, SUP fishing offers many advantages that will enhance your fishing experience.

fishing paddle board

Benefits of fishing from a paddle board

In a nutshell, here are the benefits of fishing from a paddle board:

  • Lightweight and easy to transport (especially inflatable fishing SUPS)
  • Provides excellent mobility to quickly and easily reach spots where the fish are – they are even more agile than kayaks
  • There is more freedom of movement on a SUP and you have a better field of vision of the fish swimming around you
  • Paddle boards are virtually silent along the surface of the water so you don’t scare away the catch of the day
  • Fishing while standing provides you with enough room to properly cast your rail

SUP fishing

Different types of fishing paddle boards

No matter which type of fishing paddle board you choose, each type will have its advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another. Below we list the pros and cons of an epoxy and an inflatable fishing stand up paddle board.

Epoxy fishing paddle board


  • Most stable type of fishing paddle board
  • Quieter along the water’s surface (sneak up on your prey!)
  • Better glide across the water (get from fishing spot A to spot B more efficiently)


  • Smaller surface area (less space to move around and hold all your gear)
  • Typically, more expensive than an inflatable

Stand up paddle board fishing megalodon

Inflatable fishing paddle board


  • Way easier to transport (and you can bring it with you on the plane!)
  • Offers more deck space to comfortably fish from & will hold more of your gear
  • Most inflatables come with multiple scotty mount attachments on the deck– rig your paddle board with all the latest and greatest fishing accessories
  • More durable than epoxy fishing paddle boards (inflatables are indestructible beasts!)


  • Inflatables are a little behind when it comes to glide across the water

Inflatable stand up paddle board

Best spots to go SUP fishing

  • Lake
  • Pond
  • Bay
  • River
  • Ocean

SUP fishing accessories

SUP fishing accessories

*You don’t need all of these paddle board fishing accessories to have a successful fishing trip. Many of these accessories are just some extra bells and whistles for pimping out your fishing paddle board.

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