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Inflatable Paddle Boards: For Wherever Your Adventure Takes You

Inflatable sup boards are easy to transport , require less storage space, and will last you for the years to come because they are super durable. All you must do is pump up your inflatable SUP to the suggested PSI and you’re ready to go paddle boarding. Surprisingly enough, when inflated, inflatable stand up paddle boards are just as rigid as epoxy SUPs because they are constructed with layers of military grade PVC.

Inflatable sups paddle boards are a great option for all skill levels, specifically beginners or riders who prefer flat water paddling (lakes, bays and harbors). If you’re always on the go and love exploring new territory with your stand up paddle board, an inflatable SUP will be a great option for you because it is easy to carry.

Using a hand pump, it takes only 5 minutes to inflate your iSUP and when deflated, it rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag and fits snuggly into a carry backpack. This makes an inflatable stand up paddle board simple to store anywhere in your house or in your car.


We Have an iSUP Model For Everyone

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert paddler, we have a wide selection of inflatable paddle boards to match your skill level and needs. We have inflatable SUPs for recreational paddling, SUP fishing, SUP yoga, SUP surfing, dogs and multiple people. All our inflatable sup boards are versatile enough to perform all the activities listed, however, we have designed a few iSUPs specifically for fishing, yoga and multiple people.

Our best-selling Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board has a pointed nose which makes it ideal for long-distance flat water paddling. The Scout Inflatable Paddle Board features a full-length traction pad allowing you to utilize your entire paddle board which is great for Yoga, your dogs or kids. The Pioneer Inflatable Paddle Board is our most versatile inflatable SUP because it can do it all – fishing, yoga, support an additional passenger and more. The Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board is our supersized paddle board with the ability to fit 4-7 of your best friends on board.

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