Airtech Fusion Light Construction offers a lighter,  stiffer, and cleaner looking board that is 30% lighter than comparable models. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are the most durable, portable
and versatile SUPs we offer. They are constructed with a military grade outer skin that is ding-resistant and can withstand daily abuse – without causing any damage. Inflatable SUPs are ideal for families, rentals, boaters, and especially travelers because they deflate and roll up to the size of a sleeping bag.
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You’ll never catch us knocking traditional epoxy stand up paddle boards here at ISLE Surf and SUP. There’s always going to be cause for that reliably classic, sturdy epoxy paddle board to check out fun waves or interesting flat water lakes, rivers, and lagoons.

But to be honest, sometimes racks, straps and traveling dings feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Just not necessary. We live busy, fluid lives where agility and the ability to move quickly is a huge asset. Enter the inflatable stand up paddle board.

For many of us, an inflatable SUP makes the perfect fit when we’re traveling light. When you’re packing for a camping trip after work on a Friday, the last thing you want to do is strategize your rack situation. Or, maybe your rack is already maxed out with your favorite surfboards, kayaks, paddles, and other gear. Because Isle Surf and SUP inflatables deflate to the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag within 5 minutes, stowing your paddle board is a cinch. Just toss it in the back of your car! It’s so tiny, you’ll have plenty of room for other important stuff: back up paddles, life jackets, an extra cooler – or another buddy. The more the merrier.

At ISLE Surf and SUP, we have a longstanding tradition of offering high-quality Stand Up Paddle Boards for every rider, no matter what size or skill level. Everybody has a right to get out on the water, paddle in hand, and check out the natural world. Whether you’re into fun little shorebreaks or the pristine flat water of your favorite local lake or river, an inflatable paddle board helps you get there that much quicker.

Inflatable SUPs allow you the adventure and physical challenge of traditional paddle boarding, plus the opportunity to spend time on the water. Want to easily cruise between small waves and flat water? You’re going to love our best-selling All Around Inflatable Paddle Board. For the high performance outdoor heroes we’ve got the Explorer Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board and the Touring Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board raring to go.

If you’re a more-is-more kind of paddler, the Megalodon Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board can accommodate multiple riders and doubles as a floating platform for the kids or for sunbathing. And yogis, we’re not forgetting about you. Scope out the Isle Surf and SUP Women’s Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board, with its extra sturdy base and smart storage for stowing your gear during asanas. Wheel pose? Bring it.

No doubt, there are millions of options out there for paddle boarders these days. But we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe that ISLE Surf and SUP provides your absolute best choice for inflatable paddle boarding needs. We can vouch for our inflatables because we’re out there on the water, too. We’ve tried the other options. They’re cool, but it’s hard to beat our tried-and-true combo of top quality inflatable paddle boards for a price that won’t break the bank.

Still have questions? Give us a call and one of our inflatable SUP experts will happily help you out.