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Here at Isle Surf & SUP, we have a solid collection of surfboards for any rider. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice money for the quality of board you get, and that’s why we employ a manufacture direct model. We eliminate the middle man so we can save you money and offer quality surfboards at a fraction of the cost. We have carefully constructed and designed our XPS Epoxy lineup, which offers a premium array of lightweight, intermediate to advanced surfboard shapes.
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Like you, we love to surf. And like you, we reserve the right to be extremely picky about the boards we ride. Finding the right surfboard can be a transformative experience, and Isle Surf and SUP welcomes the chance to make that happen for you.

Our respected XPS Epoxy Surfboard line offers up a superior range of models for the beginner to intermediate surfer seeking a quality ride without breaking the bank. Our XPS Epoxy Surfboard range offers up a premium array of lightweight, intermediate to advanced shapes. Being budget conscious doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.

We boast an impressive board selection, and here at Isle Surf and SUP we’re proud to say that each model has been carefully vetted and scrutinized for rideability, shape, and quality. It’s pretty much impossible to walk away without finding the perfect board for your surfing style, not to mention your budget. Without a doubt, these quality boards hold their own out on the water. It’s time to take your surfing to the next level.

Whatever your needs, we have the perfect board for you. Searching out something performance oriented, with the feel of a superfast short board? Check out our XPS Triple Wing Fish, with its double concave bottom and short board style rocker. Our popular XPS Quad Fish takes off with great responsiveness, specially designed to permit more vertical surfing, for those riders looking for a two-fin feel but with bigger boost. If you’re after a longboard-like experience, check out our XPS Big Guy Fish. You’ll love the classic fish feel but with more volume to accommodate sturdier surfers for a strong, seamless ride.

Bigger surfer, but still want that faster ride? No problem. Scope out our XPS Big Guy Short Board, with its classic rocker profile, squash tail and other features engineered to provide that short board desirability but with extra heft for more charge in the water.

And for those of us who want that sweet, classic longboard feel, the XPS Retro Longboard combines a broader nose and hipline with soft 50/50 rails through the tail. You’ll be dominating those sweeping bottom turns and nose riding opportunities in no time, all with a board known for its clean, highly sensitive shape.
Want the mechanisms for high performance surfing? We got it. Check out the XPS HP Longboard Epoxy Surfboard, guaranteed fast and surfable rail-to-rail, with specs specially engineered for boundary pushing. This is the perfect example of scoring a high performance board without draining the bank.

At Isle Surf and SUP, we understand that you have plenty of options out there. Sometimes it seems like a lot of technical information to short through. Not sure where to start? We get it. Fortunately our crew loves an excuse to talk shop. We’d be happy to talk you through our lineup. Give us a call and our resident surfboard experts can help you find that magic ride.