Behind the Lens of a Pro Marine Life Photographer

Behind the Lens of a Pro Marine Life Photographer Image
Underwater Photographer Brent Durand There’s one thing you want to avoid throughout your entire life. Monotony. For 32-year-old Brent Durand (@brentdurand), monotony is non-existent. Brent avoids the mundane by spending his days diving hundreds of feet beneath the ocean’s surface to capture marine life with his camera. Brent’s camera gear Canon 5D Mark IV Sea & […]...Read More

This Will Make You Better at SUP Fishing

This Will Make You Better at SUP Fishing Image
As told by Natalie Starliper Let’s face it — we are always willing to improve at the hobbies we love. In this instance, we are going to help improve your SUP fishing game. If you didn’t know, SUP fishing has recently captured the attention of anglers across the nation because it’s a great new way to […]...Read More

Voyager Paddle Board Review

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The importance of a SUP review Reading stand up paddle board reviews can be one of the most helpful ways to figure out if a specific paddle board is right for you. However, don’t just look at the star ratings. Find the common overall trends in what people are saying. Extensive research on a specific […]...Read More

ISLE Holiday Buyer’s Guide

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30 products you can’t go wrong with We get it – finding the perfect gift for your friend, lover or family member can be super tough during the holiday season. You have so many other important things going on in your life that taking some time out of your busy day to find gifts is a […]...Read More