Isle Puts New Versa and Kids Versa SUP to the Test in Mexico

Posted on April 9, 2014 by Marc Miller

After our trip to Sayulita we were convinced that Mainland Mexico was an ideal destination to shoot and test out new models in the spring. The end of March is prime spring break so travel in and out of the US can be really expensive. But, travel within Mexico is still very reasonably priced so with the ISLE headquarters only a half hour from the Tijuana airport we were able to book last minute flights to Guadalajara.

isle takes a trip to sayulita mexico for surf and paddle board testing

Guadalajara is only a couple hour drive on a nice toll road highway from the pacific coast of the mainland. It is easy and inexpensive to rent a car or take a bus to any of the coastal cities. So to finish off March strong we loaded up some boards and a kid and started practicing our Spanish.

100% Grom approval of the new kids Versa

a grom testing out a kids versa paddle board

Our first stop was back in Sayulita, where we had witnessed some of the most impressive stand up paddle surfing we had ever seen done by some of the local groms. We took the Kids Versa SUP straight to the local stand up paddle shop Stand Up Sayulita and let the groms have at it. Needless to say the new Kids Versa was an immediate hit. Paddlers of all skill levels and sizes were catching waves and trying new tricks with more confidence due to the stability of the new board.

a grom testing out a kids versa paddle board sayulita mexico

Though the kids all loved the board it was close to impossible to get them to say it to a camera. These kids were all motor mouth characters until you point the lens at them and they turn to mumbling mutes. Lucky for us I think the shots we got on the water speak for themselves. One day one of the braver of the groms even took the fins off and was practicing his skate board ticks on the water spinning full 360’s and pop shuvit like maneuvers.

Check out the new Versa Paddle Boards

Flat water Rio Armeria and surf Colima area

After a few days in Sayulita we loaded up and drove south to meet up with some friends in the Colima area to paddle Rio Armeria and search out some beach break. With a variety of boards we were able to host everyone who wanted to join us. We had paddlers enjoying the boards on the warm river water ranging from age 7 to 50 years old. With this variety of people on the boards we were able to get some great shots from land, water, and in the air.

local kids testing out the isle versa boards sayulita mexico

In most of the coastal towns you can find Mariscos restaurants that are glad to host you for an entire day at the beach. A lot of which have a pool right on the ocean. For those that don’t know Mariscos basically means Mexican seafood and it is most likely very fresh and delicious. We posted up at one and were also able to get the 9’8” and 10’5” out for some fun small zippy beach break between meals and beers.

a delicious inexpensive seafood feast sayulita mexco

The trip was a success and we scored some great Versa footage,tasty food,and a tan too!

marc with a versa paddle board in sayulita mexico sunset

See you in the Water!

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