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Posted on December 12, 2015 by Austin Cox


It was like any other weekend is Southern California – sunny, hot and warm water. This particular weekend however was a little different; we were expecting a sizeable south swell on its way from the South and was delivering fun surf and big fish due to the el Niño water temps. As it is seldom to receive good surf in the summer months we knew the entire San Diego coast was going to be packed so we decided to head south of the boarder because we much rather surf desolate waves in Mexico than sitting in a full lineup in the states. Coincidentally we just finished our new lineup of our Surf Sweeps and this would be a perfect time to test them out before offering them on the website.

Marc Miller with the 7’8 Single Wing


We left before the sun came up and our first stop wasn’t too far from the border but by the looks of it we definitely weren’t in Kansas anymore. That’s the beauty of Mexico, there are still tons of people that perceive it as dangerous and a sketchy place to go which is totally fine with us and is why we rolled up to an empty lineup that had head high waves for the picking.

Doug on the 9’6 Classic

The notorious beach break provided hours of enjoyment for us while we we’re trading waves and sharing our thoughts on the new models. One notable feature everyone mentioned was the new vector net webbing on the bottom of the boards. The Carbon Vector Net construction uses a combination of carbon weave on the rails, bottom and along the stringer lines to produce a springy flex pattern across the shape of the board when pressure is applied on the wave face. This means the board absorbs the pressure applied during turns and springs back when you come out of a turn or a fast snap.


Marc on the 7’8 Single Wing

The Surf Series comes in 2 different models and 5 sizes. The Single Wing is the more performance style SUP out of the two models and is designed for medium to overhead surf. We have made huge leaps in our surfing SUPs; we’ve concentrated on maneuverability, speed and weight to bring the ultimate SUP specifically for surfing. The single wing design is ideal for big carving turns and super responsive in the pocket. This board has a 4 +1 fin set up which gives you lots of options for different conditions. For more control and a faster response put all the fins in and if you’re looking for a looser tail then turn it into a twin fin SUP.


A mexico trip isn’t complete without some fish that is speared and seared. In hopes to feed the entire crew we sent a couple of the boys to the paddies in hopes of bringing home some lunch. To help with all the weight we packed all of the fishing gear on the Megalodon and they made their way out to the kelp.

The crew paddling the 15’ Megalodon

Once they reached the patties and tide off and each one of them took the dive into the abyss looking to bring home the ultimate edible trophy. We were’nt expecting much as they only had 1 speargun and 4 dudes that were splashing in the water. After an hour passed we saw the Megalodon coming back into shore. As they were out a couple miles we couldn’t see if they caught anything and assumed they were empty handed. Paddling much faster than normal meaned they either caught a fish or saw a much bigger fish. We all greeeted them at the shore and lo and behold they caught a monster Yellowtail!!! High fives led to cold beers and we prepped it for a little sashimi and a couple filets for the bbq.

Zach with his 40 lb. Yellowtail Trophy


With a little more volume than the single wing, the Carbon Vector Surf Classic is your step up in our surf models. This board does not compromise speed with stability and has a nice deep single concave with a V off tail. Coming in 2 sizes (9’ & 9’6) this board can get into smaller waves much easier than any flat water board and will perform nicely in chest to overhead surf. A couple of the guys mentioned how this would be a good all-around board to have with the option to surf it when it looks fun out.

Alex about to take out the 9’ Classic

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