Month of Thankfulness: Health and Wellness

We’re big advocates of giving thanks: to the people around us, for the moments we get to live, and for the balance of it all, but have you ever thought of giving thanks to your body? Or how giving thanks in general is good for your body? When you live a life that’s better in balance, there’s a connection between your mind, body, and soul. One is not lesser than the other, and it’s never too late to begin understanding just how good thankfulness is for your body.

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Let’s Talk Giving Thanks

We’d like to think that practicing gratitude is a lot like learning to keep your balance on the water. Some days it’s harder than others and other days it’s overwhelmingly easy—it comes in waves. The past couple of years have been a lot harder for a lot of people in the face of the pandemic, and in turn, gratitude has been a practice that’s been dwindled down by disappointment.

So we refocus. We place our focus on what is before us now, and what we can do with the present excitement of what can come out of all the bad experiences. Do you remember all the times you fell off your board when you started learning how to paddle? Eventually, you found your balance, and found that it’s okay to keep learning.

As cited by Harvard Health, numerous studies show that practicing gratitude can actually mend relationships, improve workplace culture, and increase happiness. And even cooler than that? It’s not just when you’re being thanked, but it’s also when you give out gratitude that your physical and mental health is impacted positively in great ways.

Giving Thanks to Your Body

Now, what about giving thanks to your body? When ISLE was founded, it was founded with the mission of bringing paddle boarding and what it does for overall health to people. When it comes to gratitude, there’s also the concept of giving thanks to your body and practicing self-care.

From therapeutic ways to use your paddle board, to finding new ways to improve your health with a paddle board, the opportunities are endless. Practice meditation during a morning paddle, go for a high-intensity paddle to feel the adrenaline, or take your dog along for an evening paddle after work. Whatever it is you choose to do, know that gratitude is just one of the many tools that can lead to a life that’s better in balance, and your paddle board is always so much more than just a paddle board.