New Trend: SUP Camping (What You Need to Know)

SUP Camping

People have been going on kayak and canoe camping trips practically since the beginning of time (not really, but close enough). Lately, people have been using their paddle boards to go to unique camping destinations. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

SUP camping in California

How to go SUP camping

So how does one go SUP camping? It’s simple. All you have to do is strap your camping gear (learn how to below) to your paddle board, hit the water with some pals and paddle to a unique destination. This could be an overnight camping trip, a weekend excursion or a legendary multi-week expedition.

Paddle board camping

Recommended paddle boards for SUP camping

Today’s paddle boards come equipped with most features you’ll need to properly hold a light amount of camping gear. However, the amount of camping gear you can fit on your paddle board all depends on how wide and long your board is.

Gear you can (typically) fit on one paddle board:

  • Tent
  • Small backpack
  • Fire wood
  • Hammock

Recommended paddle boards for SUP camping:

Inflatable stand up paddle board

Exploring the waters

What’s great about SUP camping is that you don’t have to stay on land once you get to your destination and aren’t restricted to just the shore. When you think camping, you commonly associate it with hiking or lounging around your campsite. Aside from your typical camping activities, SUP Camping lets you take your adventure to the water, whether it’s on a lake, river or the ocean – paddle boarding is a great activity to go probe around the waters.

Stand up paddle boarding in Arizona

The best stand up paddle boards for camping

Inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs) are the best SUPs for travel because when deflated, they are the size of a rolled up sleeping bag.  If you lack a big vehicle and roof racks, it’s almost impossible to transport an epoxy paddle board. However, with an iSUP you can literally roll up, roll out, pump up and paddle out!

Inflatable paddle boards

Adventure is out there

We all have excuses to why we don’t have enough time or money to go on a vacation. With SUP Camping, all you need is your board, some food and maybe a companion to create those memories.

Paddle board camping

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