All Around SUP Models – Beginner / Intermediate

The All Around SUP models are perfect for beginners and even intermediate paddlers.

Inflatable Paddle Board Models – Airtech Fusion-Lite

The Inflatable Paddle Boards offer a complete portable package at a price anyone can afford. When deflated, they pack down into the size of a sleeping bag and inflate in just minutes. If you seek portability, durability, and value, this is your-go to paddle board – especially for beginners seeking an economical first time package.

Touring Specific Flat Water Models

Maximum speed on flat water and open ocean conditions, Touring models are an excellent choice for paddlers looking to get more efficiency and speed over traditional surf style shapes. The touring models feature a slight displacement hull, making them break the water and carry more speed over long distances.

All Around Surf Models – Intermediate / Advanced

Looking for a paddle board to cruise the flat water and also have a blast in the surf. Shop our selection of surf models.

What Size Board is Right For You?

You want to choose a stand up paddle board that has enough volume (buoyancy) based on your weight and experience level to properly float you. We have created a chart of every SUP model we offer, and the characteristics, suggested weights and volumes for each board. You cannot be too light for a board! As long as your weight is at or below the suggested weight limit, you should be fine.

A Word about Fin Set ups

Here are a few common fin setups you should be familiar with.

  • Single Fin: Many paddle boards will have one large fin directly in the back center of the board near the tail. This large fin which can range anywhere from 8” to 10″ in length, helping to track the board on the flat water or face of the wave while surfing.
  • 2 Plus 1: This is a very common type, and usually includes a large single fin 8” to 10″ in the center, and 2 small side fins 3” to 4″ tall on the left and right. The side bites help the board track better through turns while surfing on the face of the wave, and help the tail hold the wave face.
  • Quad Fins: Quad fins are 4 fins total, with a large and small fin mounted along the rail on both sides of the tail. Quad fins help the board drive in slow spots due to the lack of drag from a center fin, and also help the board grip and track on hollow waves since the fins are situated along the rail line.
  • Other: Above are just a few of the most common types of fin setups. However, there are infinite configuration of possibilities.