The 2 Types of Electric Pumps for Your Inflatable Paddle Board

The worst part just got better

Let’s be real – pumping up your inflatable paddle board by hand gets old. Well, we’ve got some great news for all you inflatable owners who hand pump your boards — there are these awesome things called electric pumps that will do all the pumping for you.

You can now say “bye bye!” to hand pumping your board, and say “hello!” to increasing your energy levels and time on the water. At ISLE we offer two electric pumps. Each electric pump has unique features which are explained below.

Inflatable paddle board hand pump

BP12 Electric Pump

The Bravo BP12electric pump is car battery (12-volt) operated. This means that you need to be next to your car in order to use the pump to inflate your board.

This electric pump is reliable, easy to use, and stores neatly in its own carrying bag. Attaches in seconds to your car battery and inflate your paddle board in minutes with no effort needed. There is an auto stop feature that allows you to just set it and forget it.


  • Runs off car battery
  • Comes with a carrying bag that stores pump, hose and wires
  • Compatible with our Halkey Roberts valve
  • Pressure selector: Analog dial with auto stop
  • Easy to use alligator clips

Buy now – $145

BP12 Electric Pump – Car Battery Operated

BP20 Electric Pump

You won’t need to be next to your car while using the Bravo BP20 electric pump because it has a built-in rechargeable battery.  Inflate your paddle board anywhere you please without connection to a battery or power outlet.

The BP20’s battery can conveniently be recharged through your car’s cigarette plug or any standard wall plug. This pump can hold enough charge to inflate your standard iSUP several times.


  • Charge and go – easy portability
  • Comes with multiple valve attachments for other inflatable accessories
  • Carrying bag included
  • Over heat protection
  • The battery will pump 2-3 iSUPs to suggested psi (12psi) before the battery needs recharging

Buy now – $295

BP20 Electric Pump w/ Chargeable Battery

Which pump is right for you?

The BP12 Electric Pump is right for you if you’re a paddler on a budget who doesn’t mind inflating your board next to your car every time you want paddle.

The BP20 Electric Pump is right for you if you’re a paddler who likes the convenience of being able to pump up your inflatable from anywhere you please.

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