Tips for Storing Your Paddle Board (Inflatable & Epoxy)

What you need to know

Winter is almost here and for most of us, it’s time to pack your beloved paddle board away for the season. You want to protect your investment during the winter so when the summer season strikes, your board will be in the same pristine shape it was when you stored it.

To ensure your board’s safety, we put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about storing a paddle board in the winter. Now grab your laptop or a pen and paper because everything you’ll need to know is below.

Storing your paddle board in the winter

You asked, we answered

1. Where is the best place to store my board?

You can store your board anywhere in your house/garage/shed. Insulated areas are the best for storing. Do not store your board next to your water heater in your basement.

The only places you shouldn’t store your board are places that can get too hot or too cold. The recommended board storage temperature is between 40-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Can I store my board under my deck?

No, because your board is vulnerable to direct sunlight during the day.

3. Should I store my board inside or outside my bag? (Inflatables & hard paddle boards)

Either! Storing your hard paddle board in your day bag will not affect its integrity. For inflatables, it may cause creases because it will be rolled up in a bag for an extended period of time. However, once the board is inflated, the creases will disappear.

If you’re going to store your board in a bag, its important to store it indoors or in a climate controlled area.

4. Should I store my inflatable paddle board inflated or deflated?

It doesn’t matter whether you store your iSUP inflated or deflated. There will be no damage either way. If you do decide to keep it inflated, we recommend releasing a few PSI just in case the area where you store your board becomes too warm.  Too much warmth could potentially damage the seals of your board.

5. Will my board mold in storage?

Just be sure your board is completely dry before storing. Before you pack up your inflatable, be sure to rinse off with fresh water then dry (air dry or wipe) before folding and storing it. We recommend using Simple Green to get any debris off your board.

6. Should I leave my board’s removable fins on while in storage?

We recommend to remove your board’s removable fins for long term storage.

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